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One of the best things about living so close to all of my family is that my kids get to be around their cousins so much.  There is rarely a weekend that goes by without the cousins all seeing each other.  Last weekend, while my oldest nephew celebrated his 11th (!) birthday with his friends, his little brothers came over for a sleepover at our house.  They all had so much fun together, and I was reminded, once again, why I will never, ever have four children. 🙂







Those last two were included simply because they show off the kids’ newly divided bedrooms.  Evie finally gets to have some girly decor in her room and Zach is simply thrilled that he no longer has to share a room with his little sister.  He was also pretty pleased that I finally caved and decided to let him have a TV in his room hooked up to the Game Cube.

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Faith In Action Weekend


I’ve been meaning to write about the experience we had last weekend, but with the crazy busy week we had I never really got a chance to. So, here it is…a week later.

Instead of heading to church for our normal services last Sunday, we headed out to put our “Faith In Action” along with nearly 70 other members of our new church. We met up at Platte Woods church, where they already had many people working hard to pack meal packets that would be shipped to Haiti to help those who are in dire need of a healthy meal.


Not only did the adults get in on the action, but we had kids as young as two years old by our sides as we worked. (Evie did go to child care, but Zach helped out as long as I could hold his interest). We scooped rice, beans, and protein powder into plastic bags, weighed, and sealed the packs. Then they were packed into boxes and prepared for shipment.

Our combined efforts packed 300,000 meal packets, containing six servings each for the people of Haiti. In the process, my son got to learn a nice lesson about the world and what it feels like to help people who may be a little less fortunate than ourselves.


After we were finished, we took the kids to the park for doing such a great job. I was so proud of them for helping and being a part of this great experience.

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Sunny Bliss

The weather in Kansas City has been just absolutely beautiful over the last few days.  Even with my insane allergies, I can’t help but want to be outside.  The temps have been hovering in the 70-80 range and the sun has been shining.  Flowers are blooming, the grass is getting greener, and it is just beautiful all around.  This is why Spring is my favorite season of the year.  If I weren’t so dang tired from the allergy meds I have to take to survive, I would be so motivated right now.  Weather definitely affects my moods and Spring has always been my time to shine.


This past weekend I got the opportunity to have my two youngest nephews over to spend the night.  My sister, her husband, and my oldest nephew were headed to Joplin for a school competition Friday night so they dropped the younger boys off on the way.  I got to pretend like I was the mommy for four kids and boy was it a lot of work! Actually it wasn’t so bad. The kids are all so close in age that they pair off and play really well together.


Saturday morning, after some Wii time and my run, I put them all to work cleaning up the sticks in the yard so Hubby could mow. They did pretty well until they started getting bored (we have a BIG yard!). After that, they played outside for a bit until I suddenly realized they were all getting really cranky and that it was well after lunch time. Oops!


After lunch, naps, and a little quiet time (where I escaped for a bit to sit on the front porch, paint my toe nails, and read my book) they were all ready to go again. We headed back outside for more play time and Hubby made some snow cones for everyone.


Then it was time for a little t-ball! I was actually pretty impressed with how well my nephews hit the ball. The only problem was that the four kids fought over the two balls and two bats that we have. Everyone wanted to have their own because apparently sharing just isn’t as much fun.


After dinner, baths, and tucking everyone in for the night, I was pretty wiped out. Unfortunately, there was still laundry to fold and it really couldn’t be put off since we had a full day coming at us Sunday too. My sister picked her sleeping boys up a little after 10:00 and soon after that I was passed out in my bed.

Even though it exhausted me, I had a lot of fun with the kids.  I really had fun playing outside and enjoying the sunshine. We’re supposed to have sunshine all week and I’m soaking it up!

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Weekend Snapshots

This weekend, as usual, we were on the go.  Friday and Saturday we spent shopping, errand running, and doing just general household stuff.  Sunday, we headed up North for church, then spent the rest of the day at my sister’s house hanging out and watching football.  I took advantage of the downtime and played around with my camera a bit.  My nephews seem to be getting a bit tired of me always having a camera in their faces, but they did allow me to get a few good shots.

This little guy is so photogenic! He tries to play shy, but he really loves the camera.

Ryan is Zachary’s best friend and a total goofball.

Dylan is 10 years old now, which totally blows my mind. I rarely get a good shot of him because he’s always hiding from the camera, but I love this one!

Bath Time!
When bath time rolled around, Evie insisted that she get in the tub with Brayden. They had so much fun playing together! I love these photos because you can see on their faces just how much they were enjoying it.

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