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One of the best things about living so close to all of my family is that my kids get to be around their cousins so much.  There is rarely a weekend that goes by without the cousins all seeing each other.  Last weekend, while my oldest nephew celebrated his 11th (!) birthday with his friends, his little brothers came over for a sleepover at our house.  They all had so much fun together, and I was reminded, once again, why I will never, ever have four children. 🙂







Those last two were included simply because they show off the kids’ newly divided bedrooms.  Evie finally gets to have some girly decor in her room and Zach is simply thrilled that he no longer has to share a room with his little sister.  He was also pretty pleased that I finally caved and decided to let him have a TV in his room hooked up to the Game Cube.

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