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Putting TV shows on DVD has got to have been one of the best ideas ever. Watching the whole season straight through without any commercials or waiting is definitely the best way to watch TV.

When the show LOST came out last season, my husband and I really wanted to watch it but we missed the first couple of episodes. We were disappointed because we had heard great things about it, but we didn’t want to start watching it after missing the beginning. So, last week I saw that it was out on DVD and decided I would pick it up sometime.

Friday night we went to hang out with some friends and they had rented the first couple of discs. We decided that since we were planning on watching them anyway, we would watch the first two shows with them. Well, we ended up watching the first 4 before we finally turned it off and went home. The next day, my husband went to Blockbuster and picked up the rest of them. Since then, almost all of my free time has been spent watching LOST. We finally finished up the last 4 episodes lastnight around 11:00.

I have to say that LOST is probably one of the best shows on TV in the last couple of years. The first episode was so intense I had to remind myself to breathe more than once. Now I’m anxious for season 2 to start next week. It will be pretty tough to have to wait a whole week between episodes though!

If you haven’t watched it I strongly suggest you go get the first season and watch it this weekend!



I should not let myself work on my web sites while I am at work. I get all wrapped up in it and forget that I’m supposed to be working! I just realized that I have now spent at least 3 hours on personal stuff today. Eventually someone’s going to figure me out.

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Oh the frustration!

For the last few days, every time I try to get on my old blog site to check out my friends’ blogs the site is down. Sometimes I get to read one blog, but when I try to comment the server is down. This is SO frustrating! I guess that’s why I moved here. It is nice to have something reliable for a change! It is sad that such a great blog site has so many problems.

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Baby-safe floors

Yesterday my boss was in a rather good mood. My mom decided it would be a good time to talk to him about the carpet in the house that I rent from him. The carpet is pretty old and nasty throughout the entire house. Even when it has just been cleaned it is still pretty gross. Before I had the baby it wasn’t that big of a deal, but knowing that he’ll be down there crawling around on it in a few months has me trying to find a way to replace the living room carpet at the very least.

My mom went in and talked to my boss. She has a way of convincing him to do thigs that we want sometimes. She talked him into letting me use one month’s rent to buy carpet for my living room and hallway. My boss called a guy he knows that owns a carpet store and talked to him about some prices and I went today to pick something out. The price that the guy quoted was under my rent amount so I was hoping that I could add another room on and still keep it below what I had to spend. Well, that didn’t exactly work out. It ended up being quite a bit more than I had to spend. My mom called our boss and told him about it and he said to go ahead and do it. It ends up being almost 2 months worth of my rent, but he said it was okay.

So, sometime next week I will have new carpet in the whole front half of my house. I will feel much more comfortable having the baby crawling around on nice, new, clean carpet. Sometimes it is really nice that I’m able to rent from my boss. I get new carpet and I’m not out any money because I would have paid it in rent anyway.


I want something…

…salty and sweet, rich and gooey. I can taste it but I can’t figure out exactly what it is. I’m thinking maybe caramel swirl brownies with peanuts and ice cream on top. That might do the trick. Too bad I don’t have any here at work to satisfy my cravings.

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