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Putting TV shows on DVD has got to have been one of the best ideas ever. Watching the whole season straight through without any commercials or waiting is definitely the best way to watch TV.

When the show LOST came out last season, my husband and I really wanted to watch it but we missed the first couple of episodes. We were disappointed because we had heard great things about it, but we didn’t want to start watching it after missing the beginning. So, last week I saw that it was out on DVD and decided I would pick it up sometime.

Friday night we went to hang out with some friends and they had rented the first couple of discs. We decided that since we were planning on watching them anyway, we would watch the first two shows with them. Well, we ended up watching the first 4 before we finally turned it off and went home. The next day, my husband went to Blockbuster and picked up the rest of them. Since then, almost all of my free time has been spent watching LOST. We finally finished up the last 4 episodes lastnight around 11:00.

I have to say that LOST is probably one of the best shows on TV in the last couple of years. The first episode was so intense I had to remind myself to breathe more than once. Now Iā€™m anxious for season 2 to start next week. It will be pretty tough to have to wait a whole week between episodes though!

If you haven’t watched it I strongly suggest you go get the first season and watch it this weekend!

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  1. I did that with Alias. Last season, #4. I felt so out of it because they kept referring to stuff that has happened prior. John and I have spent the summer watching seasons 1-3. Now we are finally almost caught up in time for season 5!!

    I never watched Lost. It interfered with another show, but I just may have to check it out.

  2. I always wanted to watch Lost but seeing the clips during commercials was as close as I ever got. (what day of the week is it on anyway????) I think I’ll just rent the DVD’s. My brother also Highly reccommended the DVD’s of a show called “Dead like Me” It’s also on my list.

  3. texas hold em Nice šŸ™‚ Agree šŸ™‚

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