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Oh Man! and Other Stuff

I hate it when the boss-man calls me Thursday afternoon to tell me that he has a big project for me to work on Friday.  Fridays are usually my catch-up days and I almost always finish up early so I can start my weekend a little sooner.  I already had my day’s list of things I need to do in my head.  Looks like I won’t be getting them done after all and I won’t be going home early. Blah.

Zach loves to go around and say “oh, man!” and every time he does it I crack up.  I know I gush about him all the time on here but he is just so cute I can’t help it.

We’re taking Zach to the circus this weekend.  We went last year, but he was a little young to really appreciate it much.  Hopefully this time around will be more fun for him.  We’ll be sitting up front instead of way up high where we were last year so he should be able to see really well.  Anybody wanna take a guess what pictures I’ll be posting on Monday?

Anyone have any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Have fun this weekend.

    I’m having an all girl’s pre-shopping party. Hopefully people show up.

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