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Dreary Friday

I’m in a surprisingly good mood today.  After waking up at 5:30 to a very unhappy little boy screaming in the next room I assumed it would be a bad day.  I could see out the window that it was dark and rainy out when I went to pick him up out of his crib.  These are my least favorite kind of days. 

Zach seemed like he would go back to sleep so I brought him into bed with me.  He snuggled up to me right away.  He slept off and on for the next hour cuddling with either me or his daddy.  While he was sleeping next to me, he reached his little hand out and put on my chest.  He used to always sleep like that, but hasn’t done it much since we moved him to sleeping in his own bed.  I’ve missed it.  It was a lovely way to start out a dreary day.

The morning was chaotic as usual, but Zach seemed especially clingy.  He didn’t want me to put him down so I tried to do everything one-handed while I held him on my hip with the other.  He cried when I dropped him off at day care, but it didn’t bother me too much because I know that I get to hang out with him for the next two days.

Now I’m at work, staring lovingly at his picture on my computer screen, but feeling somewhat productive.  I’m anxious to get the day’s work done so my weekend can begin.  I can’t wait to cuddle with him in bed tomorrow morning as I’m sure he’ll wake long before I’m ready to start my day.  I can’t wait to see his face light up at the circus tomorrow night.  I can’t wait to finish hemming up his Halloween costume so it is ready for him to Trick or Treat in.  I can’t wait to just spend some quality time with my little boy…and maybe his daddy too.

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  1. Have fun at the circus.

  2. sounds nice. Your new look is nice, I haven’t been around in awhile. busy busy.

  3. Mimi Mimi

    hoping you are having a wonderful weekend..clingy and crying makes me think that he may be getting sick…hope that is not the case…
    the weather here today is supposed to be perfect…77 and fair…gonna go to an art show with a girlfriend…
    have a good rest of the weekend…thoughts and prayers of you and zach

  4. Yes, tell us how he liked the circus!

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