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Shout Out From Arizona

dee & zach

I had to feed my addiction this morning and post a picture this morning.  I love this shot of me and Zach.

We’re having a really great time in Arizona so far.  The only internet connection I have is through my cell phone and it is driving me crazy.  I wish I had my own car so I could go find a wireless connection somewhere.  I can’t wait to get home and upload all the photos I’ve taken.  I think I have over 200 already and we haven’t even done the touristy stuff yet. 

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  1. Love the Photo!!
    Don’t most Starbucks have Wifi nowadays??? Gets someone to drive you to starbucks… LOL!!
    The weather looks AWESOME out there, i’m jealous!

  2. Welcome to MY home state! Your little guy is getting SO big 🙂

  3. I agree with jenny can get an unsecured wifi connection from almost anywhere.

    Love the shot of you and your Zach! Hope you two are having a great time!!

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