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An update and a question

It seems like this week cannot possibly go by any slower.  Usually I’m wanting time to slow down, but this week I just want it to speed up already!  I suppose the last few short work weeks probably perpetuated the feeling a bit but it just seems like the week is going on and on and on.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I leave for Hawaii on Saturday.  Nothing at all.

I have my suitcase partially packed.  All of my clothes (and Zach’s) are packed with the exception of a few last minute things that had to be washed.  Zach’s backpack full of toys, snacks, blanket, pillow, and other distractions is almost ready.  I just have to figure out whether to pack the dvd player in his bag or mine.  I need to make myself a checklist of all of the various electronic devices and chargers we need so I don’t forget anything important.

I’m really slugging along at work today.  Other people keep distracting me (which isn’t hard to do) and I’ve gotten nothing done.

My lovely cold–that I totally thought was clearing up–is back with a vengeance.  It started yesterday afternoon and has gotten worse since then.  It seems to be clouding my brain quite a bit today and keeping me from being able to think very much.  I have a feeling that the people sitting around us on the 6 1/2 hour flight from Vegas to Hawaii will love me.

So, for lack of having anything intelligent to actually say today, I’m going to ask a question.  We’re going to Hawaii and I know there are some really cool things to see there, I just don’t know what.  I know we’re planning to go to Pearl Harbor and on a whale watching cruise or something but that’s about it.  We’re going to be staying in Honolulu and probably won’t travel to the other islands unless we suddenly become rich.  So, where should we go and what should we do?

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  1. okay, i have nothing to say about where you should go, but as to what you should do? you MUST eat coconut syrup. soooo decadently good. you have no idea. i LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


  2. Follow your nose and just have FUN!!!!

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, but flew through Honalulu once a long time ago. It looked like a tropical paradise!

    Have Loads and Loads of fun…

  3. My sister lived there for awhile, so I went to visit about 10 years ago. It was cool because it was a relaxing trip yet I felt like I got to see all that was “O’ahu” (i.e. not necessarily Hawaii, because we didn’t go to any other islands). Will you have a car? I definitely recommend taking a drive around the island. It makes for a nice day (the entire drive is maybe 3 hours – the distance is actually only about 90 miles, but you are driving slow – spectacular views, though!!!) and all the way around you can take stops and see things that interest you on the fly. Other things?

    1 – The other side of the island the “north shore” and “windward side” and that is where the really good surfing is. Even if you don’t surf, it is still fun to see the big waves and to watch OTHER people surfing.

    2 – I really, REALLY recommend the Polynesian Cultural Center. During the daytime, you can wander around to the different “villages” and learn about the various islands of Polynesia and the night time show is just FABULOUS. They highlight all the different dances from the various islands, including dancing with the fire sticks. When I was there, the night show was an extra thing that you buy a ticket for.

    3 – Climbing up Diamondhead crater was really cool and not too strenuous – I don’t remember how stroller friendly it was though.

    4 – Hanauma bay – very fun to snorkle here and it’s kid friendly. YOu should be able to take Zach out there to see the fish because there are plenty of non-deep parts where you walk around.

    5 – Waimea Falls – a really neat place to walk around, very kid-friendly and they even have cliff divers.

    6 – The Aloha Bowl in Honolulu has a flea market every Sat and that is an AWESOME place to get souvenirs and fun stuff.

    7 – The I’olani Palace is where the last King and Queen (the King’s sister) lived. This is not really kid friendly, but if you can work it out, there are grounds that someone could hang out with Zach while he runs around, while the others tour. However, I LOVE touring old houses, so I know that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

    Actually, I couldn’t remember how to spell “waimea” and found this site – check it out! for driving around, check this one out

    Are you sorry you asked?

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