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There's Something In The Air

For some reason I have just had this feeling all week that something was going to happen.  Something bad.  It hasn’t been a very good week in general, but nothing really bad has happened.  I just keep waiting for it to happen.

I think it happened lastnight.  It wasn’t really bad, just irritating more than anything.  I left work, looking forward to a relaxing night at home.  I stopped and picked Zach up who was thrilled to see me.  When we went back out to the car to head home it wouldn’t start.  I called hubby, who fortunately was home, and he came over and jump started it. 

Hubby took the car up to Auto Zone and had the battery tested and they said that it was fine.  Nothing was wrong with the car.  Ha!

This morning it started up just fine.  I took Zach to day care and dropped him off and when I got back in my car to go to work it wouldn’t start again.  It is a good thing the windows were rolled up because I wouldn’t have wanted the kids to hear the words that came out of my mouth at that moment.

So, I made some calls and my mom came to rescue me.  She let me use her car to jump start again and followed me to the dealership that will probably charge me out the ass to fix whatever is wrong.  I’m really hoping it is just the battery and nothing major.  I’m still waiting for a phone call and hoping that I get my car back for the weekend. 

My boss did offer to let me borrow his Jeep if I need a car for a few days which I thought was very nice.  I’m almost tempted to borrow it just so I can drive the Jeep around cause I love it! He’s trying to sell it and I would love to buy it from him if we had any extra funds, but we don’t.

I’m pretty sure my Red Sox tickets are out of the question now.  I think I might go cry now. 

The final conclusion from the guy at the insanely expensive dealership is that the ONLY thing wrong with my car is that the battery is dead.  If the idiots at Auto Zone would have figured that out lastnight, I could have saved myself a lot or trouble and probably $100 too.  The good news is that I should have my car back within an hour with a fresh new battery that includes a 5-yr parts and labor warranty.

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  1. Delurking here… that’s great news!

  2. did you get your car back in time to have an extremely fun weekend? i hope so 🙂

  3. OK, this post, frustarting for you. Your post prior…deep heavy shit. I have so totally been there.
    You are not alone in those feelings. Anne

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