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Weather, Blogs, and Toddlers in the Tub

Can somebody please explain to me how it could be 70 degrees and sunny yesterday afternoon and be snowing today?  Somebody seriously needs to whip Mother Nature into shape around here.  I really find it funny that it was 70 degrees in February, and now in March it is cold enough to be snowing.  Is that really funny or is it just the sleep deprivation showing through? 

What is not funny is that the dang weatherman interrupted my viewing of Lost last night so now I have to wait for the ABC station to re-air the episode.  Did we really need to know about all of the flash flooding, hail, and tornadoes in the area?  Well, maybe so.  But can’t they just scroll it across the bottom of the screen like they used to instead of taking the show entirely off the air?

I finally finished up that blog design project that I’ve been working on and Not So Pregnant switched over to the new site today.  I’ve still been tweaking a few things here and there, but it is nice that the site is finally live.  I just feel bad that it took me so long to finally get things going over there.  Fortunately, she is very forgiving and hasn’t made a big deal about my slowness.  Go check out the new site, say hello, and let me know what you think.

Speaking of blogs, I mentioned last week that Hubby has a blog now.  He’s only written one entry so far, but I thought maybe if I could get some people to go give him a little comment love he would be encouraged to write some more.  That means go comment.  Now.

Ok, I’m done being bossy and sending you away now.  No really, come on back.  This may be a boring blog post but if you stick around I’ll show you a cute picture of Toddlers!  In the tub!

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  1. Global warming is my guess on the weather piece. 🙂 Happy March.

  2. Surely it’s against some law to interrupt Lost, right?

  3. It looks like your Zach is saying, “Haaaaaayyyyy” and waving around his washcloth like he is about to start dancing on a table as a go-go dancer.


    Am I the only one that thinks their kid is a future go-go dancer in a speedo and combat boots?


    It’s a good thing your Zach is so cute.

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