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Chocolate Fix

Do you want to know how to cure a week long chocolate craving?


It may not have been such a good idea for the diet, but it was great for the cravings.  Hubby and I both have been in the mood for some cookies, so I finally caved and baked some up last night.  They’re just your regular Toll House chocolate chip cookies with a little baking cocoa and chocolate/caramel swirl chips added.  And?  They are delicious.  I can’t wait to get home and eat some more.

I feel I’ve really been slacking on the blogging this week.  My mind has been going in so many other directions that I’ve had a really hard time stopping long enough to actually put together a decent post.  I have some things floating around in my head, including Zach’s 20 month letter/update, but I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and focus.  When I do write, I just feel like I’m throwing things together (like in this entry).  My in-laws even commented on the phone last night that I haven’t updated my family site in a while.  Guess I need to work on that.

I have finally gotten myself together and added a new feature over there on the far right sidebar. Thanks to Google Reader, I am now sharing some of my favorite blog posts. Take a look over there underneath the gorgeous pictures of my son to see what I’ve been enjoying lately.

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one for us.  We have plans to have dinner and hang out with friends tonight, another friend’s band to see Saturday night, and an after church lunch/surprise baby shower on Sunday.  That pretty much leaves me only Saturday morning and afternoon to relax and I need to spend that time finishing up the baby blanket I’m making.  I just hope that Zach holds up well with the busy weekend.  He seems to need a lot of relaxation/mommy time here lately and I won’t be able to give him much of that when I’m running all over the place.

And, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Go have a cookie and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. mmmmm…. cookies. 🙂

    sometimes the blog posts just don’t flow. i’ve been not so good this week, too, with only the exception of the blog exchange (which was admittedly fun). it ebbs and flows – i wouldn’t worry about it.

    enjoy the weekend, busy bee!

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