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Unfinished Business

  • Zach woke up this morning asking where the turtle was.  He met me outside while I was out with the dogs and asked in his sleepy-just-waking-up voice, “Where turtle go?”  I think he was a little sad when I reminded him that he and daddy took the turtle down by the water and the turtle went home
  • I still haven’t worked out the plan for Zach’s reward system yet.  There are so many different things that he needs a little motivation for right now and I can’t decide which one thing should take priority.  However, I’m seriously considering teaching him Zoot’s “obey first time” concept.  That could save me so much time and frustration if it actually works.
  • This whole Flickr/Orkut deal has got me thinking and re-thinking how I share and use photos on the internet.  If you haven’t heard about what is going on, I recommend you start reading here.  I love that Flickr makes it so easy for me to share pictures with family and friends, but when children’s photos are being stolen and exploited on other sites it is just plain disturbing.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it yet – if anything – but I’m certainly thinking.
  • I’m giving Craigslist a shot one more time in an effort to sell the foosball table collecting dust in our basement, one of my guitars, and some brand new bunk bed mattresses that we never managed to return to the store.  I haven’t had much luck there in the past, but I’m starting to panic just a bit about the whole money thing (partially because I spent way too much on hubby’s birthday gift) and if I could sell those things it would pay off at least one more credit card.  I really need a little breathing room in the budget and to start socking away some money to pay my insurance deductible next year when I birth this baby.  I’m trying really hard not to even think about the cost of infant day care yet.  Anyone need a foosball table?
  • I have discovered once again that pregnancy seems to sap every ounce of creativity out of my body.  I remember it happening when I was pregnant with Zach and here it is again.  I’ve been trying to come up with a new header for this site for weeks now and can’t come up with a single idea,  I promised a friend I would help her with some business cards that I haven’t even started on.  Plus, I have babies to knit for and I can’t seem to even pick up the needles these days.  At this rate, I’m pretty sure even my own baby won’t have any little knitted goodies when it is born.  I seriously need my creative juices back.  If you see them, could you send them my way?

Edited to add:  I seem to be having some problems with the comment system on my blog.  I have changed a few settings and would love it if you guys could try leaving a comment to see if it is working.  If your comment doesn’t appear (it should come up right away) please e-mail me so I can try to troubleshoot some more.

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  1. I tried to leave a comment yesterday. Let’s see if I have any better luck today!

  2. Amy Amy

    Yeah you need to get this creative thing back!! Just giving you hell. Well, you know that I sold all of my stuff on craigslist with in about a week. Keep trying…it’s free and you never know…the people out there may be needing that stuff now. Later girl!

  3. Zoot Zoot

    I get MORE creative when I’m pregnant, but I still have no skills or talent so it does me no good.

  4. I am crazily bad at blogging or crocheting or knitting or doing approximately anything while I’m pregnant. Apparently that lack of creativity extends also to term papers. Which is unfortunate.

  5. Hey you – just checking in on this obligatory day. Hope all is well!

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