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The Urge Is Back

Friday night we found out that a friend of ours was playing a show with his new band on Saturday.  It seems like eons ago now, but once upon a time hubby and I were really into the local band scene.  We had friends that were in a band and we used to go see them play, along with several other bands that we got to know. A few of the bands we liked split up, I got pregnant, and since then we haven’t really been a part of that scene.

So, when this came up, we decided it would be fun to go check them out.  We called my mom up and she agreed to baby-sit so we could go out for a few hours.  We dusted off our "going out" clothes, got dressed, and I even put on a little bit of make-up.  

As I walked into the bar, I had the feeling of being totally out of my element.  I can’t remember the last time we went out to a place like that.  After a few minutes our friends showed up that we were meeting there and I started to relax a bit.  As soon as the band started playing, I felt right at home.  Well, except for the smoke that had already managed to kick my allergies into overdrive.

My friend’s band was actually pretty good.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from them.  It was their first show and they were all a bit nervous, but totally excited at the same time.  The music was great.  The only thing I wasn’t totally sold on was the singer.  He had a great singing voice but there was something about his attitude and mannerisms that I just couldn’t get past. 

After they finished we decided to stick around and watch the next band.  I wasn’t really impressed with them, but they did have an awesome bass player who was also so incredibly hot that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  The consensus of all the girls around me was that the band wasn’t that great, but well worth listening to just to watch the bass player.

By the time we left, hubby and I were both ready to go home and jam it up on our guitars.  Watching the bands play and feeling the energy of the music really inspired me to want to play again.  Once upon a time I had dreams of actually being in a band.  However, my guitar is one of the hobbies that went by the wayside when I got pregnant and I really miss it.  I am now determined to find some time to pick it up again, even if I have to play unplugged after Zach goes to bed.

We ended up leaving before the last band because, well, we’re getting old.  Hubby and I were both pretty tired and knew that we had to get up early the next morning, plus we were already going to lose an hour of sleep with the whole Daylight Savings Time thing. 

All in all, it was a pretty fun night.  It made me realize just how much I missed the live music.

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  1. My hubby plays his guitars with his earphones plugged into the amp… No disturbance for me or the kids!
    It’s great to get back into your passions, life doesn’t need to end with kids!

  2. I miss concerts. We used to go alot, but now tickets are so expensive. I’m just getting into some local music, I love the small venues and intimate crowds.

    At last Zach has a hip Mommy & Daddy that can rock on!!! That will count for some brownie points later in life. 🙂

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