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Birthday Girl

Today is my friend Amy’s 28th Birthday.  Amy and I first met when we were 13 years old.  I had just moved to the neighborhood and she came over, along with another girl our age, and invited me to go swimming with them at her dad’s house.  I was shy and nervous as hell, but I decided to go.  I was also pasty white and burned easily and after an afternoon in the pool had turned red and blistery.  That was the beginning of what has turned out to be a life-long friendship.

Amy is the one friend in my life who has always been there for me.  Like every good relationship, there have been many ups and downs and probably times where she hated me.  I was a bit of a selfish bitch in my younger days (ok, so maybe I still am sometimes). But, when I really needed a friend, she was there.

A few years ago, Amy moved far, far, away to Oregon and now I only get to see her a couple of times a year.  I miss her being around, but I always enjoy her visits.  I just wish they were a little more frequent.

So, really what I want to say here is HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! Thank you for being my friend all these years.  Oh, and come back and visit soon!


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  1. amybeth amybeth

    you are too cute. thanks girlie. miss you too. have fun today.

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