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For the Love of Target

Recently, well about 4 months or so ago, they opened a new Target store near where I work.  There is another one just as close in the opposite direction, but the new Target totally kicks the old Target’s butt.  My first experience in that store was when I was doing my Christmas shopping.  I had a list of things I wanted to get Zach for Christmas and in less than an hour I found every single thing on that list.

Normally, I tend to be more of a Wal-Mart girl because I usually find that things are a bit cheaper there, but I may have been officially converted today.  I needed to pick up some formula for Zach and since I had a $10 off coupon for the formula, I figured it didn’t really matter where I bought it.  But, as I looked down the formula aisle, I saw something interesting.  Target has a store-brand formula that is HALF the price of the name brand I usually buy.  And guess what?  If you check out the ingredients and nutritional information on the back, they are almost exactly the same.  Close enough anyway that I will chance it to spend half the money I have been spending to keep the boy in formula.  My checkbook has seriously been hurting since I stopped breastfeeding.

Not only did I find the cheaper formula, I was also shopping for some Easter goodies for Zach.  Guess what?  They had E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. that was on my list once again.  I should also mention that I looked for these same things at Wal-Mart just last week and couldn’t find them.  I also got Zach a very cute little man looking outfit for Easter Sunday.  It was a little bit pricier that what I really wanted to pay, but not enough to make me put it back.

I may not quite be the Target enthusiast that she is, but I think I’m well on my way.

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  1. A good friend of mine is a corporate manager at Target. I’m going to send him this post! I’ve usually had good experiences with them, though my parents had an awful time with a Target charge once that wasn’t valid.

  2. I am usually a Target person, but funnily enough, tried out Wal-Mart just tonight. I did find that Wal-Mart is so much cheaper, but frankly, shopping at Target is more fun. So, I wasn’t converted.

    I can also report that the Target brand of stuff ROCKS and I have been using that brand on various things for years. I use their baby lotions, too which smell exactly the same as the Johnson’s stuff.

  3. Oh my lordy, what I would give for a Target. In. my. country.

    Whenever we visit the in-laws, that’s the FIRST place I wanna hit! after that it’s baby’s r us.

  4. Oh ya, I wanted to mention that I started Nolan on regular milk at 10 months, instead of waiting until year old like they say- he’s not had a problem with it. He used to use Nestle Goodstart which is one of the more expensive brands. Besides, I figured, if the kid is eating chopped up chicken and ham chunks for lunch- his system can handle some real milk.

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