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Snow Day

Zach and I stayed home today due to the ice and snow that has finally begun to fall.  The roads were pretty bad out this morning from what I saw on the news, then cleared up a little bit, then got bad again.  Hubby had to go out for a couple of hours, but he is now back home safe and sound.  I probably could have gone to work today, but it was nice to stay home.  I expect I’ll probably be here again tomorrow as well.

For the first time since we have lived in this house (3 years now), we finally lit a fire in our fireplace.  That’s how cold it is in here.  Even with the heat cranked up, there are still drafts of cold air coming in around the windows and doors.  The fire is nice and toasty warm and of course I enjoyed taking pictures of it.

nov_06 467c

The cats really enjoyed sitting in front of the fire too.

nov_06 477

This is one of my favorite shots of the fire.  Doesn’t it just scream for marshmallows and graham crackers?

Zach woke up from his nap just in time to catch the beginning of the snow fall.  I took him to the window to have a look and he was quite amazed.  When I told him it was snow, he repeated me.  It is so cool that he can listen and actually repeat the words I say most of the time.  Well, until he decides to repeat the wrong word anyway.  Hubby went outside and brought in a handful of snow for him so he could touch it.  He was very interested until he figured out that it was cold.  Then he tried to shake it off of his hand.

nov_06 508

Zach touching the snow

I imagine I’ll have lots more pictures tomorrow.  For some reason I just love taking pictures of the snow.
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  1. (waves to the kitty)


  2. Amber keeps asking for snow. It is cute the way she will turn to me out of the blue with hope in her eyes and say, “Maybe it will snow tomorrow”. Guessing not, since it was in the 80’s today and it is New Orleans. Although we had some snow in 2004(on Christmas day). I guess we can hope for another Christmas miracle.

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