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Shoveling Our Way Out

dec_06 037, originally uploaded by deew27.

Well, we didn’t get as much snow as we expected. The reports are that we got about 8 inches in my area. Hubby just finished shoveling our steep driveway so we can get the car out of the garage. We both stayed home from work today. There’s not much point in him working today with the kind of job he has and it just wasn’t worth the struggle to get out of the driveway for me to go in this morning.

While Hubby was shoveling, I bundled Zach up and took him outside to play in the snow. It was his first real snow experience and I don’t think he really enjoyed it all that much. I think it was more frustration than anything because he was having a really hard time walking. I suppose when the snow is up around your knees it would be a little hard to walk in. Eventually he played around a little and then he wanted to help Daddy shovel.

I hear the roads aren’t too bad today which is good because I didn’t think to stock up on milk before the storm hit and we’re almost out. We won’t go out today unless we absolutely need to. Hopefully by tomorrow the ice on the roads will be melted away and we will be able to get a little Christmas shopping done.

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