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Bah Humbug!

Santa We ventured out to the mall this weekend to do the obligatory Santa Clause visit and a little bit of Christmas shopping.  Zach wasn’t too sure about that guy we kept calling Santa.  He did sit in his lap for a couple of minutes and let the picture lady snap one photo before he completely broke down.  I could see as soon as I sat him down that he wasn’t going to last long, but I did want that photo for the album.  The first shot was the best of the three she took, only because there were no tears in it.  I felt so bad when he started crying that I spent most of the rest of the day carrying all 28 pounds of him around on my hip.  My arms are still a little sore from that.

For some reason this year I’m just not getting into the whole Christmas shopping thing.  I’ve had no problem buying more than enough for Zach, but when it comes to everyone else I’m just not feeling into it.  I suppose that is because I know we don’t have the money to spend.  Somewhere along the way I guess I decided to be a grown up and actually want to be responsible when it comes to money.  Either that or I just got even more selfish that I’ve been in years past.  I just get tired of buying people gifts out of obligation.  I like buying gifts when I see something that I know that person will just love, but when I buy them something just because I feel like I have to it really takes the fun out of it.

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  1. I hear you. I think I buy a lot of things out of obligation. I find myself stuck. I mean is that really the point of Christmas?

    Very cute photo.

  2. I completely relate to the whole gift buying thing.

    The look on Zach’s face in that photo is priceless.

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