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So it appears that the majority of you who voted think that I need a new design.  Great, more work for me!  Oh come on, you know I don’t mind.  I love it when my geeky side gets to come out.  Now I just need to find a little inspiration and some time to put it all in place.

It has been a pretty mellow week around here.  The combination of my allergies flaring up yet again and the boy not sleeping well is starting to drag me down a bit and it always shows in my blog posting.

Since I discovered this last week, I can’t stop listening to Chris Cornell.  The man is just amazing.  I really don’t know why it took me so long to get into his music.  I like Soundgarden.  I love Temple of the Dog.  I love Audioslave.  But for some strange reason I never really listened to his solo stuff.  Um, I like it.  A lot.

A while back I won a $40 gift certificate to in a contest.  I was really excited to win, but I still haven’t used it because I can’t decide what to purchase with it.  I debated whether to buy something special for myself or whether to save it and spend it on Zach.  I finally decided that I would use it for myself to reward myself for my hard work but now I can’t decide what to get with it.  There are some knitting books that I really want, but then there is this.  It is so little and pretty (and cheap!) and I would love it very, very, much.  It is something that I would not normally buy for myself.  But I already have an mp3 player and don’t really need another one (although it would be nice to put some Chris Cornell on, no?).  Plus, I would actually learn something from the books that I could use later.  It is such a tough decision.  It is becoming painful to even think about.

And finally, a little shameless self promotion.  I signed up at a while back and got notified the other day that I am finally a contender.  If you have a minute to spare could you just click over and give me a hit or two?  It’s all in fun, but I would hate to get kicked off right away.

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  1. I say go for the books – but I’m always a books over gadgets person. I’m just getting used to the IPod nano my partner bought me!

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