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Old Habits Die Hard

One of my worst habits in life (besides procrastinating) is that I rarely finish what I start.  Things that have to get finished get finished, but most things end up halfway done and dropped.  That is why I have very few completed craft projects.  I start in with grand ideas, but when I hit a snag or it takes a little longer than expected I usually end up putting it away and forgetting about it.

One of my goals with this blog is to keep myself on track with my projects and not give up.  I mentioned before that I like projects that come together quickly and take little time to finish, which is why I chose the easy baby blanket as one of my first projects.  The problem is, I am now working on my 3rd easy baby blanket and I find myself getting very bored with it.  When I started the second one, I thought it would be fun to do again.  Then I found out that one of my friends is having a girl, so I started a third one in a different color.  I now have two of them going at the same time.  I’m thinking the next one needs to be a different pattern!

I find myself wanting to start new projects that would be a little more interesting, just to mix things up, but I am afraid if I stop working on the blankets that I will not go back and finish them.  Instead, I work on the blankets every chance I get so that I can finish them and move on.

I’m curious what other knitters do when they tire of a project.  Do you put it aside for a while and come back to it or do you plow through and finish it before starting something new?

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  1. I’ve definitely put projects aside…and sometimes never picked them up again. That’s what happened the one time I tried to crochet an afghan, for instance. I would love to have an afghan that I made myself, but that takes serious staying power!!

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