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Questions to Ponder

Why is it that totally insignificant details can cause the most heated debates?  Why do people blow off big issues and stress about things that just don’t really matter when you look at the big picture?  I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of it myself because I probably am, but it bugs me.

Why is it that we scoff when a celebrity makes a derogatory comment, yet we accept it in every day life?  We should all learn to respect each other a little bit more.

Why is it that the more I have to do, the less motivated I am to do it?  I end up procrastinating on things and pushing them to the last minute (like taxes) and then I feel completely rushed and hope I don’t screw them up.

Why does it take me twice as long to drive home as it does to drive to work when I am going the exact same distance?

Why does the price of gas always seem to increase on the day that I need to fill my tank?

Why does unhealthy food taste so much better than the healthy stuff?

Who decided that five days a week should be for work and only two days for play?

Where IS Waldo?

Can anyone explain this?

(Yes, it’s a joke, although he did wake up with a bit of a rash this morning that is being monitored.)

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  1. This photo is too funny, I love his expression!! What a sweety!

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