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Before It All Spills Out

My brain is feeling rather scattered with all of the projects I have going on right now.  Keeping up with a full-time job, a part-time job, a husband, a toddler, blogging, and about a million and a half other personally gratifying projects all at once is kind of making me lose my mind right now.  I try to keep track of everything in my head, but there comes a point when my head just starts dropping things off because it can no longer hold everything.  That is when I have to sit down and actually create a to-do list.  To-do lists generally just frustrate me because it seems that for every thing I cross off the list, I add another three.  Anyhow, the to-do list must be created so that my mind can move on to more important things.  Here’s a little peak at what sits on my plate right now:

  • Buy birthday card for Brother-in-law whose birthday is today!  (A little advance planning might have been helpful here!) Just convinced Hubby to do this!  Yay!
  • Finish prettying up sister’s blog page before the baby comes as I’m sure she will be posting about him and he deserves to have a most beautiful blog page to be posted about on.  (Just started on this one last night and am hoping that I can easily alter one of Zoot’s rockin’ free Blogger templates) — Deadline April 23rd
  • Print, sign, write checks, and mail state taxes
  • Do stupid KC Earnings tax form and figure out how to pay what we owe.
  • Pay bills (again) with whatever money is left after the taxes
  • Figure out where to find more money to pay property tax that was due in December so we can register and tag the Suburban recently gifted to us from my in-laws
  • Call insurance lady about recently gifted Suburban
  • Buy another (fairly cheap) car seat to leave in Suburban so I don’t go crazy having to hook and unhook the one in my car
  • Write deeply thoughtful blog post that will bring millions of readers to my site (Wait, does this one count?  No?)
  • Come up with some kind of fun contest idea for my Tot TV Watch blog (any ideas welcome!) and finish drafting a couple of post ideas I have stuck in my head
  • Design and set up new brilliant blog project that will probably turn out to be a flop, because apparently I need more things to do

  • Finish up baby blanket number two so I can move on to the next one seeing as you people just can’t stop getting pregnant
  • Start posting here regularly again because I kind of miss it (and so does my sanity)
  • Update my family blog so that the rest of the family (who have not yet discovered this little piece of web realty) don’t think we’ve dropped off of the planet
  • Get this site moved over to WordPress because I’m really starting to fall in love with WordPress, although leaving Movable Type will be a little hard.  MT has been very good to me over the years.
  • Update my church’s website that I am totally responsible for (since it should have been done April 1st)
  • Go out on another date with Hubby.  Too bad the Red Sox are gone until next year.
  • Sleep, if I can remember how
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  1. I love making lists! And I love crossing things off lists even more!!

  2. wow, i’m tired just reading your list! best of luck to you. just remember to look at one piece at a time, rather than the whole picture. i’ve been stressed about how much i have going on, too. i feel like i can only look about two to three hours ahead at a time. i’d like to be able to plan at least a day ahead of time. 😛

    oh, and a post to bring millions of adoring fans to my site? that’s on my long-term list, too. 😉

  3. I was actually thinking about your Tot TV blog last night in bed (don’t ask) before I fell asleep.

    I have a great contest idea for you, although the good people over in Google might ruin it for you.

    I think you should ask your readers if any of them can guess how long the host of “Reading Rainbow” has been working that sorry-ass gig of entertaining the kids between each book reading (and holy crap, I just found out the answer and that is amazing).

    Zac and I sat down to watch PBS one morning and I was shocked to see the same guy that narrated the program on there that I remember from my childhood.

    Either that or have a contest about who can articulate why some kids shows are so good and others make you regret ever having kids.

  4. P.S. – I’m secretely in love with Geordi La Forge and “Reading Rainbow” was my favorite television show growing up.

  5. We have so close to the same list! GAHHHH!!!! (I’m way behind on mine as well….)

    BTW, love the Tot TV site! Great idea!

  6. It’s funny. I’ve never met you or talked to you before, yet your to do list looks amazingly similar to mine. My car insurance payment is your property tax. Gotta love the never-ending bills, correct?

  7. Tanya Tanya

    I think that your sister’s blog page is looking pretty darn good! I hear she isn’t that picky, scratch it off and move on down the list!

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