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Morning Thunderstorm

Scared of the thunder this morning

My dogs hate thunder.  Whenever it rains, we usually end up with Zeke (the big one) up in our laps because he gets so frightened.  When I woke up this morning, it was black as night outside and we were in the middle of a nice thunderstorm.  I opened the bathroom door after my shower to find Zeke standing there waiting for me.  As soon as he could squeeze in, he huddled up in the bathroom with me.  Izzy soon followed and they sat there like this until I finished my morning routine.  Then they followed me around the house until I left.  I almost hated to kennel them when I had to leave because I knew all they wanted was a little snuggling.

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  1. What a cute picture! Sadie was trying to crawl under my computer desk, but when I moved her bed in beside my bed (Cliff was still sleeping there) that seemed to satisfy her, and she settled down.

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