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And Now I Need a Nap

I’m finding it harder and harder to blog these days because I feel like all I have to write about is how tired and uncomfortable I am. I’ve been trying not to complain too much (in real life, anyway) but everything I do just seems so much harder right now. It gets really frustrating when doing even simple things wears me out so quickly. I want to keep up with my regular pace, but it just isn’t possible anymore.

Weekends seem to be especially busy around here and this weekend was no exception. Saturday morning Zach and I headed out to the mall so that I could get a desperately needed hair cut and Zach could get a couple more pairs of desperately needed shoes. My mom met me at the hair salon so she could sit with Zach while I was getting my hair trimmed up. They had some fun with Grandma’s camera while they were waiting.

jan_08 286

After that, we finished up our shopping and then let Zach ride the carousel in the mall. He was very excited to ride on the horsey and was very unhappy when he had to get off even after getting to ride a second time.

jan_08 314

After that we grabbed some lunch and then headed home just in time for Zach to get a nap in.

(Just to show you exactly how tired I am, I couldn’t even finish this post in one sitting. Zach got up and when I went to put him back to bed I fell asleep with him! Good thing I saved my post before I got up!)

Then it was time for Sesame Street Live. Zach was really excited to see Elmo. We met up with my sister and her family for the show. My 8-year-old nephew was not so excited about Sesame Street, but he did at least enjoy his cotton candy. Zach, Ryan, and even little Brayden seemed to really enjoy the show. I kept trying to get pictures of Zach smiling while he was watching, but he was so into it that he sat with a very serious expression on his face through the whole thing!

jan_08 153

jan_08 227

jan_08 339

Sunday was a very busy day as well. We had church, a dinner after church, took Zach for a haircut (because I was just too lazy to do it myself this time), then a small Super Bowl party at our house. It is now Tuesday and I’m still trying to catch up!

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