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Is Somebody Trying To Tell Me Something?

With my new mindset of “change will only happen if I make it happen” I have decided to focus first on the things that I can most easily change.  The one next to the big fat numero uno is to stick to my diet.  I have been doing pretty well the last few weeks, but am still going up and then back down on the scale.  I do great for a couple of days, drop a couple pounds, then I get hungry, or someone offers me a doughnut that I can’t refuse, then I blow it the rest of the day and the pounds creep back up.  I’m fluctuating about 4 pounds throughout the week and I’m getting tired of it.  I need to find a way to make myself stick to it.  I do very well counting my points during the day, but when I go home and have to fix dinner for the whole family I tend to quit counting.  It just takes too much effort to measure and count points for every cup of rice or every ounce of meat that I eat.  So, I estimate and I think my estimates are a bit off.  Well, that and the fact that I seem to be finding the need for a margarita or other calorie-rich cocktail about every night here lately.

This week I’ve done pretty well, with the exception of yesterday.  I’ve stuck closely, or at least fairly closely, to my allotted points.  Yesterday was just a hungry day so I gave in and let myself eat at Fazoli’s.  Just for the record, breadsticks and baked spagetti parmesean don’t really fit into the 6-8 points I usually allow myself for lunch.  I had a pretty decent dinner, but then found the need to drink not one, but two delicious margarita’s afterwards.

Knowing that I was bad yesterday, I vowed to be good today.  But then I got hungry.  After I finished my 4 point WW frozen meal, I just wasn’t satisfied.  I decided that I would allow myself some Chex mix from the vending machine so I scrounged up a dollar in change, popped it in the machine, put in my code and waited for my Chex mix to drop down.  And it didn’t.  It got stuck in the damn machine.  In 4 1/2 years that I’ve been working in this building I have never once had a problem with the vending machine.  It always works.  So, I came back upstairs defeated and sat down at my desk.  About two minutes later I was looking for more change because I really wanted that Chex mix.  I took my quarters downstairs, put them in the machine and finally got my covetted Chex mix.  And it tasted so good that I ate the whole bag instead of the half that I had planned on eating.  I guess dinner tonight will be a little lighter than I had planned.

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