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Do I Know You?

For some reason I have this uncanny ability to remember people’s faces. I may not remember who they are or where I’ve seen them before, but if I’ve seen them I recognize them. Then I spend hours trying to figure out where I might have met them. I’m not saying that I could pick out every person from the crowd at a concert I attended, but if I really looked at someone I would remember them. If a guy was sitting a few seats away from me at a baseball game and I later saw him at the grocery store I would be struggling to figure out if I really knew him or not. However, if you work the day shift at the Wal-Mart I frequent, then I would most likely recognize you because I see you so often.

At times this can lead to really uncomfortable situations. There have been numerous times that hubby and I have been out and I think I see someone I know. Problem is, I’m never quite sure if I really know that person or if I just saw them at a restaurant last week. I never know whether to go up and say “hi” or just to let it go for fear of totally embarrassing myself. Usually the latter wins out because I’m a bit of a chicken.

It gets even stranger when that person becomes part of my every day life. Ever since I met Evie’s new day care provider I’ve had that sense of familiarity, like I know her from somewhere. I just can’t figure out where. There’s just something about her that makes me think I’ve met her before and I don’t have a clue whether I actually have. For all I know I saw her down the aisle at the grocery store. Now I just have to decide whether to ask her or not. I’m going with not. I don’t want her to think I’m some crazy stalker this early on in our relationship.

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