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Sometimes I feel like my day is just not complete unless I have written a blog entry. My blog is my place to get out my excess energy. It is my place to rant, brag, be creative, and just release all of the things in my head. I suppose that’s why I like it so much. It is therapuetic in a way. Some days I don’t have a specific topic in mind to write about, but as soon as I start typing it usually rushes to me.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time investigating Content Management Systems. I have a website project that I’ve been putting off for a while because I would like to set it up with a CMS. I need something that I can set up and then have several different users update pages on a regular basis. It is for a non-profit, so I can’t really spend any money on a fancy system. I have considered using either Moveable Type or WordPress for it, but am not sure that either of them will be exactly what I want. So, I’ve been on a search and so far have not found just the right one.

During my search, however, I did come across a free blog host that some of you Tbloggers may be interested in. It seems almost everyone at Tblog is jumping ship all of a sudden and I’ve had lots of them asking for suggestions of places to go. My new discovery is The service is free and is run on WordPress, which is pretty user friendly. I haven’t tried out Blogsome yet, but I do use WordPress and have no complaints. If you are still looking around, it might be an option to try out. There is also the fairly new, but it requires an invite which I haven’t received yet.

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  1. amybeth amybeth

    hey girl. i started a blog on that haven’t done much but just wanted to let you know. i think i put it down as long hard road with/without the spaces. later

  2. I’m enjoying blogger for the moment – though I miss the community and the comment threading features.

  3. I’m glad that if I’m sitting at home and feel the need to blog, I can do it! (even though I’m *still* blogging at work) 😉

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