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The Haircut Saga Continues

I have spent years now trying to find the right person to cut my hair and so far the best person I have found is myself. Unfortunately, it’s kinda hard to cut my own hair because I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. I was under the impression that all moms had this feature, but apparently mine haven’t grown in yet. When they do, it will certainly solve my hair issues.

Anyway, so I have been searching and searching for a good hair stylist with no success. A few weeks ago I went to get a haircut because my hair is falling out (one of those lovely post-partum things). I told the girl exactly what I wanted, showed her a picture and thought she understood. She didn’t come even close to what I told her. So, I decided I would go elsewhere and have it cut again. I did that today. Do you think I got the cut I wanted? Of course not!

I really don’t understand what is so hard to understand about the kind of cut I want. It isn’t complicated. Yes, I have naturally curly hair which makes it a bit more difficult, but if you have been to cosmetology school and are licensed, you should know how to cut curly hair. I can do it and I haven’t been taught. I just figured it out myself. I have now wasted $60 and still don’t have the haircut I want.

I suppose my next step is just to do it myself and take the risk of being a bit crooked in the back. At least the curls will help hide it!

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  1. I *so* know the feeling. I finally after years of leaving the salon in tears, found someone who knows how to cut and style my hairs. Her’s is curly and frizzy too, very similar to mine. I have been with her almost 6 years now. I would follow her anywhere i tell you, anywhere.

    Seriously, you should complain and ask for your money back. I mean, come on you ever showed her a picture.

    If only you were closer, I know my Anita would treat you right. 😉

  2. I am sooooo with you on the hair thing. I’ve given up trying to get the perfect hair cut and instead just settle for whatever the lady at supercuts can do. At least I don’t pay 80$ at supercuts.
    Maybe you can have your sister cut it for you while she is visiting… or dare i say your mother in law???
    By the way, for some reason the Typekey sign in isn’t working for you site…
    just wanted to let ya know.

  3. amybeth amybeth

    hey too bad jason is 2000 miles away…well, at least you “said” he did ok. later.

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