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Time Sure Does Fly!

I can’t believe it is Tuesday already! This weekend went by so quickly. It’s really all a big blur now. There were birthday celebrations, friends, and family. Then there were sick babies, cancelled soccer games, a broken air conditioner, a rushed trip to the store for baby supplies, good food, great desserts, and movies. Suddenly it was Monday. I stayed home with the sick baby, which just made me jealous of all the mommies that get to stay home all the time. Even though he was sick, we had a wonderful day together. Now I’m back at work trying to catch up and catch my breath.

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  1. Sounds complicated! Life has been here as well…hope all is working out for the best.

  2. That sounds like everyday for me LOL believe it or not sometimes I’m jealous of you Moms who have jobs to go to, seriously. But When I have a bad (sleepless) night with the kids, I wake up dog tired the next morning, stagger around in my Pj’s and think, “How the hell do you guys do it??”

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