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Because She Loves Me

Sometime about a week or so ago, my mom and I were perusing a Red Envelope catalog.  I’ve been a fan of Red Envelope for a while now, and when I’m needing a gift idea it is often the first place I look.  Because I am a.) cheap and b.) a procrastinator, I haven’t actually purchased many gifts through them, but I often find some good ideas.

As my mom and I were perusing the catalog, I showed her the motherhood necklace that I have been coveting for about two years now.  I fell in love with this necklace the very first time I saw it and since then have been trying to figure out a way to get someone else to buy it for me.  I just don’t ever feel like I can treat myself to jewelry (no, I have no idea why I am that way) so the only way I would ever get it would be as a gift.

Last week when my mom was out sick, a package came for her.  Not trying to be nosy, I had to check out who it was from in case it was something for the office.  When I saw that it was from Red Envelope I got a little excited.  She had already slipped up last week and told me that she was ordering me something for Mother’s Day.

This morning she brought me the pretty red box.  She assumed I already knew what it was since I had seen the envelope on the desk so she went ahead and gave it to me early.  I finally got the necklace that I have been wanting for so long. 

To me, it is the perfect symbol of motherhood.  I love the image of mother and child, each one an extension of the other, bound together with love in the middle.  I don’t think that there is any other love that can even compare.  The fact that this necklace – this symbol of love – came from my own mother makes it even more special.

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  1. Yes, that IS a beautiful necklace!

    I have no qualms about buying myself jewelry (well, except for the money, of course). Some of my very favorite pieces are ones that I bought myself and I am not shy about going into a jewelry store by myself.

  2. Rosie Rosie

    I love that pendant! Nice gift 🙂

  3. Tanya Tanya

    I love it! Beautiful! I want one too.

  4. that is wonderful, and a beautiful thing to share with your mother. 🙂

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