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Because Apparently Puppy Pictures Increase The Comments

Izzy is settling in quite nicely.  She was really timid the first day or so, but now that she is feeling more comfortable, she is making her presence known with the other animals.  Her favorite thing to do is to chew on Zeke’s bone that is almost twice her size.  When he comes to take it away from her, she starts jumping at him and barking and it totally cracks me up.

I spent most of my weekend taking Izzy outside to try to get her to pee.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to potty-train a puppy.  She is doing much better but still goes in her kennel during the night and when we have to leave for more than an hour or two.

Saturday night I watched Zach’s baby-sitter’s kids so she could attend her cousin’s graduation.   It was a very good reminder of why I don’t want more than two kids.  Keeping up with a 6-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 10-month-old baby was a LOT of work.  The 3-year-old was definitely the most difficult, which totally gave me a taste of what I have in store in the very near future.

On top of the extra kids, our dryer, air conditioning, and oven all managed to go out Saturday night.  And, of course, this happened just as I was trying to get dinner fixed for 3 hungry little monsters.  Thank God for microwaves!  We assumed it had to be something electrical because it was just too big of a coincidence that those things would all happen at once otherwise.  We checked all the breakers, fuses, etc. and had no luck.  First thing this morning I called our maintenance guy at work and asked him to come take a look at it.  Apparently there was some shoddy electrical wiring that had decided to burn up on the outside of our house and we were extemely lucky that it didn’t catch on fire.

Awesome maintenance guy fixed the problem and will come back tomorrow to finish tidying things up for us.  When he told me what had happened, and showed me where it was (along with the black marks on the side of the house) I totally freaked out.  Our house could have caught on fire…while we were sleeping…with my precious baby and all my animals, and my laptop, and my pictures, and my whole life crammed inside of it.  We have renter’s insurance, but some things just cannot be replaced.  I just wanted to sit there and cry at the thought of what might have happened.  Zach is totally getting extra hugs and kisses tonight!

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  1. Izzy may have too much room in her Kennel. When I was training my dog I had to put a shoe box in the end of it so she couldn’t go in the end to pee and still sleep comfortably at the other end. basically give her enough room to go in, turn around and laydown.

    We had a similar thing happen with my kitchen track lighting. It stopped working and then started working until one day I smelled burnt plastic and found out it was melting itself and could have started the entire house on fire… freaked me out too.

  2. Oh ya, you can usually leave a puppy for an hour more than houw many months old they are (ie: 2 months old- you can leave her for 2 to 3 hours until she’ll have to go)
    It’s tough at first but they learn fast!

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