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Living in a Fantasy

Several times a day I find myself thinking up little scenarios in my head.  Some might call it daydreaming.  I like to call it my very own little fantasy world.  In my fantasy world, things always go just the way I want them to.  The happenings in my fantasy world are usually sparked by something in the real world that has recently happened.  For instance, as I was pulling into the parking lot at work a few minutes ago, I saw a man that looked very similar to a guy I was friends with in high school.  I knew it wasn’t really my friend, but I played out an entire interaction with him in my head, even inviting him to the bbq at my house this weekend.  In my fantasy world I found out that he is now married, has a baby, and has a job that he loves.  He had just met with a client at my office building and was on his way back to the office for the afternoon.  He also was very happy to see me and couldn’t wait to catch up.  We exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers and he was on his way.

Then, there was this morning at work, when I was fantasizing that my mother suddenly had to leave and go far, far, away for three months and that I could have no contact with her whatsoever until she returned.  I’m pretty sure that idea came from the fact that she was talking my ear off from the moment I walked in the door until I left for lunch.  The last two days with her out of the office were kinda nice.  This may be the only time ever in my life that I actually wished for it to be Monday again.

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  1. Syl Syl

    I think we all have that little fantasy world. I know I hang out in mine — it can get me through some bad days.

    As for the mailman thing, well, I met my mailman last week. You’re on your own there. 🙂

    When I was in college, I worked in a grocery store. Our Coke guy was the hottest thing on two feet. It used to make my day on Coke Delivery Day (and yes, it deserved capital letters!). Wait, what was my point again?

    Oh yeah, I totally know where you’re coming from.

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