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Meet Izzy


This is our new puppy Isabel, or "Izzy" for short.  I picked her up yesterday and absolutely fell in love with her the minute I saw her.  She is so cute and spunky and she is already very attached to me.  If I put her down either in the yard or the house, she just follows me around.

Zach showed his affection for Izzy right away.  When I showed her to him he leaned his head over, put his cheek up to hers and gave her a little hug.  Since then, every time I let him get close enough, he tries to either kiss or hug her.  He doesn’t quite understand how fragile she is though or how strong he is compared to the tiny puppy.

I really hated leaving her at home this morning, but I know she’ll be fine.  She’s not very fond of her kennel.  She would much rather be snuggling up in someone’s lap.  When I left I could hear her whining in the other room.  It was almost as bad as the first day I left Zach at day care, but not quite.

Thanks for all of the name suggestions I received!  Isabel popped into my head just before I left to go pick her up and as soon as I saw her I knew it was the right name.

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  1. What a sweet heart!
    The thought of a puppy right now makes me tired LOL!

    Have fun!

  2. What a cutie! Seriously. I have to admit that I never really have the patience for a puppy so I have always adopted adult dogs. But boy, those puppies sure are cute.

  3. That’s a good name!! Fun times – and cute pix of both the new addition and Zach. 🙂

  4. Syl Syl

    Precious! I love her ears! Oh, I just want to hug her!!

  5. Great name!!!! She is too cute. Have fun with her while shes still a puppy!

  6. She’s adorable – almost makes me wish our dog was a puppy again. (She’s 9.) But she acts like a puppy still anyway sometimes!

  7. Izzy! i love her already too! 🙂

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