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boots.jpgGuess what I did today?  I ordered these fancy shmancy boots that you see over there to the left.  I’m so excited I could burst!  I finally found a pair of boots that will fit around my large calves and look good too.  I had to order them online because it seems all of the stores that sell them around here are out of either the size or color I wanted.  Plus, I had to have them shipped to my friend’s house in Oregon so that I can have them to wear this weekend.  If they don’t fit I’m going to be so pissed!  I paid way more than I wanted to for them so they better be absolutely perfect.  If not I’ll have to send them back and then I’ll cry.

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  1. AHHHHH *Head exploding*. I am both so happy for you and so jealous that my brain has ceased to work. You must, must, must post a picture of you in those fabulous boots.

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