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One Question

Does it make it sound any better if I say I’m eating an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for breakfast?

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  1. Only if I tell you that I had FOUR Danishes at a conference this morning because I forgot to eat my oatmeal before I left the house.

  2. no, it doesn’t, and i’ll tell you why: because it can’t possibly GET any better than saying you’re eating a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. oh, wait, unless you say you’re eating TWO chocolate chip cookies. but oatmeal certainly adds no improvement whatsoever.

  3. Abby Abby

    Yes it does. I use that excuse excapt I like oatmeal raisin. And I say the same thing. So yes, if oatmeal is in a cookie, it is fine to eat as breakfast!

  4. It definitely sounds better to me, but like laura the only improvement would be adding 2 in front… Yum.

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