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Another Boring Weekend Recap Post

Mondays sure seem to come quickly these days.  Why does the weekend have to buzz by so fast?  At least it was a fairly good weekend and not quite as busy as the last few.

After finally getting my car back Friday afternoon, I called the Hubby up and told him to be showered and dressed when I got home because I needed to de-stress and there was no way in hell I was cooking dinner.  I picked up the little man from day care, picked up Hubby, and we went and had dinner at a new Mexican place that we had been wanting to try.  The food was good but they don’t have a liquor license yet, so there were no margaritas to go with it which kinda bummed me out.  I guess the lack of liquor did make the bill a little bit cheaper though.

Saturday morning we got up and took Zach to get his 1-year photos taken.  He was a little monster the whole time and wouldn’t sit still for more than about 2 seconds.  I was really afraid that they hadn’t come out very well, but there were several shots that I absolutely loved so it wasn’t all a waste after all.  I think the photographer was getting a kick out of him trying to run away in between each shot, even if it was a bit frustrating.

After the photos, we stopped by my mom’s to use her printer as mine was out of ink and ended up staying for the rest of the day.  My sister and her family came over and we all had dinner together and watched a movie.

Zach decided that he was boycotting naps all day long on Saturday.  I tried absolutely every trick in the book to get him to sleep and he just wasn’t having it.  I guess he thought he was going to miss out of the fun if he fell asleep.  Every time he would lay his head down and relax and make me think he was going to sleep, it would pop right back up.  He apparently thought it was a very funny game judging by his laughter.

On Sunday, the lack of napping caught up with him.  We went out to dinner after church and he fell asleep in my lap.  It has been a very long time since that has happened.  I drove him home and put him in bed and he slept until 5:30 that night.  I was afraid that would keep him from going to bed at bedtime, but I was enjoying it too much to wake him up.  His extra long nap gave me time to get some much needed cleaning and organizing done around the house.  I didn’t get everything finished that I wanted, but it was definitely a good start.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good weekend.  The very best part though was this morning when I stepped on the bathroom scale.  Even with all of the cheating I did last week on my diet, I still managed to lose 4 pounds.  Losing a few pounds is the best encouragement I can get to stick to it this week.  It is pretty likely that most of that was water weight since it dropped off so quickly, but it still makes me feel great!

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