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32 Weeks

32 Weeks32 Weeks down, 8 more to go.

I’ve already done my griping for the week, so today I’ll just leave you with this lovely picture of the basketball that I seem to be carrying around under my shirt.  I had to make it black and white because I had just gotten out of the shower and I was all splotchy from the hot water.  Red splotches just aren’t that pretty, although they do go well with the extra chin that I seem to have gained recently.

We’ve got another busy weekend planned.  I’m hoping to get a haircut and some shopping done in the morning, then we are taking Zach and the nephews to see Sesame Street Live which should be fun.  Then Sunday is the Super Bowl and we’ll be having a little shindig over at our house where we’ll stuff our faces and watch the big game commercials.  I imagine I’ll be good and exhausted by Monday morning again.

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  1. That picture makes my back hurt! All of a sudden memories from 41 years ago are flooding back.

    Actually, I loved being pregnant. But my back hurt.

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