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A Little Reflection

Lastnight when I was talking to Hubby about my blog, he asked me how long I have been doing it.  My response was that it had been a couple of years.  Today I looked back at my old blog and found that it has been almost three years that I’ve been blogging.  My first post was on November 17, 2003.

When I first started blogging, I had no idea really what blogging even was.  I had heard a lot about it and knew that it was really growing on the internet so I decided that I would start one just to check it out.  I was really interested in web design at the time so I figured I needed to learn about this blogging phenomenon.  My first few months of posts were pretty boring.  It was like reading a note that was passed around to your friends in jr. high school.  As I read more and more great bloggers, my writing style changed quite a bit.  I got more serious about my posts and other people started reading them.  I experimented with several different free blogging sites and after getting frustrated at the amount of down time most of them had decided to move to my own site.

By the time I moved here, I had several people following my blog and some regular commenters.  Some of those regulars have changed over time, but many of them are still here with me through my ups and downs.  I have come to rely on them for advice and comfort when I need it.  I have made friends that I hope to never lose contact with.  I have discovered a diverse social support group that I doubt I would ever find without my online world.

Through my blog I have become more outgoing, open, and honest with myself.  I may sometimes embellish things slightly for the sake of entertainment, but for the most part this is me.  I may not always remember details exactly as they happened but when I write about my life, I write it the way I remember and interepret it.  I have always feared being discovered by friends or family, but I chose to be truthful about my feelings anyway.

There has been a lot of negativitiy in the blogging world lately and several of my favorite bloggers have written about it.  I have tried not to get sucked into it and keep reminding myself that I write for me and for me only.  I know that I’m not the best writer and don’t have the most entertaining life, but my blog has changed my life.  Perhaps there have been some negative aspects, but I am finding ways to overcome and move past those.  I don’t know what I would do without my blog.  Life would go on but it would never be the same.

Over the next few weeks, or maybe months (depending on how long it takes), I am going to start copying some of my old posts over to this site.  I don’t plan to copy the “Man, I’m so bored!” type of posts, only those that are relevant to my life.  I’ll back date them so they are in the correct chronological order, and most of you won’t see them unless you go searching.  If, however, you are using a feed reader they will pop up.  Feel free to ignore them.  I just want to have everything all in one place.

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  1. I am so glad that things went well for you.

    I agree, my blog is so important to me. I think it’s great that you recognize what it has given to your life.

    Besides, you can’t stop now, we’d all miss you.

  2. In this world, where many have only the tv to tell them what people outside their own tiny spheres are like, I think that keeping a blog is important. The only people who can really show the world what people are really all about are the people themselves.

    I’m glad that I have the opportunity to read about your reality. 🙂

  3. Good!! Maybe this will be the starting point you both need to talk through things.

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