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Reply Requested

Dear Zachary,

I have a little bone to pick with you my darling little boy.  I realize that you life has been thrown upside down (or “uh-sie-dow” as you say) over the last month or so and that it will take a little time for adjusting back to our normal schedule and routine.  I understand that when I drop you off at day care you aren’t going to be thrilled about it because you spent the last four weeks lounging at home with Granny.  You are always thrilled to see me when I pick you up after work.  But why, oh why, must you scream and cry when I put you in the car to go home?  For some reason you just scream and scream and I can’t for the life of me figure out the reason.  When we get home you continue screaming for a good 20-30 minutes until you finally tire out and it is driving me insane.  Aren’t you happy to be home with Mommy and Daddy after a long day at day care?  Do you miss Granny?  Are you just expressing your frustration over the change in schedule?  Do you just need more time with Mommy holding you?  I have tried all of the normal tricks to settle you down and nothing seems to work.  The only thing that has been semi-successful is to give in and let you have a pacifier and that disappoints me because we were doing so good limiting it to nap and bedtime only.  I really wish you would tell me what the problem is because I’m out of tricks and am quickly running out of patience as well.

There is another little issue that I would like to discuss as well.  Why have you all of a sudden decided to wake up in the middle of the night wanting to play?  I understand why you weren’t sleeping well on the Claritin, but now that we have gone back to Benadryl for your allergies you should not be having problems sleeping.  I expect at least eleven peaceful hours when I put you to bed.  I need a couple of hours to spend with Daddy and then I need to sleep.  This whole waking up for two or three hours during the night is not working very well into my schedule.  You see, Mommy needs eight hours of sleep at a bare minimum to be able to function at work and the four and a half hours I got lastnight just didn’t cut it.  Mommy is tired.  I am willing to compromise.  You can play all you want in your crib during the night.  You know how to turn your little nightlight on.  I’m even willing to leave some toys in there with you.  Just please stop screaming and waking me and Daddy up.  I don’t mind checking in on you, but I just can’t wake up and play with you at 2:30 in the morning.  Mommy doesn’t get nap time at work.  I have to function.  Can we please work something out?

I love you with all my heart but I get frustrated too.  I don’t want to take my frustrations out on you so can we agree to work together on these issues?  Please reply.

Love always,

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