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A Few Points Of (Un)Interest

  • Zach peed in his potty last night!  I know this doesn’t seem all that exciting, but it was the first time and completely unexpected.  I had him sit on the potty before he got in the bathtub and he actually went.
  • I’m really bummed about the ending of The O.C.  I know it is a cheesy teen drama that really went downhill last season, but I’m still not ready to give it up.  That said, I think they did a very good job wrapping things up in the final episode.  I’m also slightly embarrassed to admit that I cried off and on throughout the whole thing.
  • Hubby has a blog now.  Shocking, I know.  I’m gonna give him a little time to get comfortable over there before sharing the address but I have to say I’m a little excited.  I’m not sure blogging will be the same for him as it is for me but you just never know.
  • Plans are now in place for a re-design of our office space here at work.  I will finally have my very own office (with a door!). But, I will also move from my quiet little corner in the back up to the front next to my mom and boss.  That could have some negative effects.
  • I now have a deadline for the baby blanket I’m knitting for my sister.  I have to have it done by March 4th because we are going to have a surprise mini baby shower for her at a friend’s house that afternoon.  I just started it Sunday so that means that I have to finish knitting a blanket in two weeks which will be just short of a miracle for me.  The good news is that I am almost 1/3 done with it so if I work really hard all weekend and during the evenings next week I just might be able to finish it.
  • Zach is going back to the doctor today to re-consider him for tubes in his ears.  The doc agreed to it last time I had him in but we decided to hold off.  Now that he’s had to suffer through two more ear infections I have decided we should go ahead and do it.  I’m just hoping the doctor agrees with me.
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  1. Wow….I’m impressed that the hubby was even interested in having a blog. I wish mine would. And grats on your son using the potty. Mine used it the first time today. I just hope he can keep it up.

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