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The Crazy Chip

I have come to the conclusion that the tubes inserted into the boy’s ears must have a crazy chip in them.  I can think of no other explanation for his recent actions.

First there was this:
Crinkle Cave-2Crinkle Cave-4Crinkle Cave-3
I bought this for the cats thinking they might have fun with it, but I had no idea that Zach had other intentions.  He was wiggling and squirming like he had been possessed, but at least it entertained him for a while.

Then, there was this:
Doin' a Jig
He was shrieking and dancing and exhibiting all sorts of crazy (with his shoes on the wrong feet because he insisted they be that way).  Maybe he thought the bugs on his shirt were alive?

Followed shortly by this:
Enjoying the View
I’m not sure if they were howling at the moon or planning their escape, but they were definitely in cahoots about something.

This all occurred in a matter of hours.  It is a good thing the in-laws will be here this weekend so I can pawn some of the crazy off on them.

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  1. he looks like a tiny little runningback in that middle picture. i hope someone’s screening for him…

  2. looks like a fun night 🙂
    Zach has really grown!

  3. Looks like he’s adjusting to those tubes just fine!! 🙂

  4. Hi. Stumbled on your site. How cute!!! Love!!!

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