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Seven Songs

So I didn’t really mean to be all, “Hey world, look at my blog!” and then disappear.  Things have just been a little busy the last few days.  The in-laws and grandparent-in-laws were in town for a few days and I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the internet.  So that you don’t all think I’ve run away or panicked about the whole coming out thing (hi sis!), I though I would take a few precious moments of my lunch break and post a little something.

The “Seven Songs I’m Listening To At The Moment” (or as I like to call it, the “Seven Songs I’m Digging”) meme is going around again and I’ve really been wanting to join in.  The problem is that while I listen to a lot of music, I can’t seem to single out seven songs that are worthy of the list.  Plus, I have a hard time actually remembering the names of the songs I like.  Apparently my brain has reached its full point and just can’t retain any more.  I’ve been brewing on this one for a couple of weeks now and I finally decided to just pick some dang songs and post already.  So, here’s the list of what I’m currently “digging”:

  1. To Love Somebody (Bee Gee’s cover) – Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice
  2. Love, Reign O’er Me (Who cover) – Pearl Jam (You knew there had to be some PJ in there, right?)
  3. Missouri In The Morning – Ryan Auffenberg
  4. Last Dollar (Fly Away) – Tim McGraw
  5. Highways and Cigarettes – Son Volt
  6. Sillyworld – Stone Sour
  7. The Sun Doesn’t Like You – Norah Jones

I’m not tagging anyone, but if you decide to do the meme let me know so I can come check it out!

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  1. well, i’m very glad to hear you didn’t get scared off by your whole “coming out” experience. and i have to say that i really dislike that tim mcgraw song. i’m not sure why, but it just gets on my nerves.

  2. Gotta admit, while I like the original song better, the PJ cover is pretty damn good. You can tell Eddie idolizes The Who.

  3. I always love to read memes. Espeically when I can get music suggestions.

    I did this one a few weeks ago.

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