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It's Never As Bad As You Imagine

Today was the big surgery day.  Zach did really well and I did pretty okay myself.  I didn’t get nearly as upset as I thought I would, but I actually give Zach the credit for that one.  He didn’t even cry, except for just a couple of tears when they took him away from me for the surgery.  He is seriously the toughest little kid I have ever known.  Nothing seems to phase him.

Still Waiting

I wasn’t timing it, but I would guess that in less than ten minutes after they took him away the doctor came out to tell us he was all finished.  He did tell us that Zach does have yet another ear infection, but with the tubes and some antibiotic ear drops (that he needed anyway with the surgery) it should clear right up. 

Another ten minutes or so later, we were back in the recovery room with him.  He was still a bit droopy, but was happy to see his mama and dada walk through the big doors.  I will admit that my eyes welled up just slightly as we walked through the recovery room doors, but I didn’t cry.  (So what if my 21-month-old son is tougher than me!)

Grandma met us in the waiting room with a Diego beanie baby and Dora balloon which Zach just absolutely loved.  All in all, the whole process took less than two hours from start to finish.  Not bad at all.

After the hospital, we took a detour to Ihop for some breakfast since none of us had eaten anything.  It took Zach a little while to completely wake up, but by the time the rest of us had eaten, he was awake and scarfing down his smiley face chocolate chip pancake.

When we got home, I assumed he would be all snugly and groggy for a while.  I assumed wrong.  He did cuddle up on the couch with me for a while, but about the time I started falling asleep, he decided to get hyper.  He was running all over the place.  He has finally settled down for a nap and I’m thinking maybe I need to do the same.

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  1. Glad everything went smoothly!

  2. Glad everything went okay!

  3. So glad to hear it went smoothly. isn’t it just the worst thing to hand off your baby to a stranger????
    Kids are so resiliant!

  4. hooray! i’m so glad to hear all went well. even to the point of chocolate chip pancakes! congrats on being through the tough scary morning. 🙂

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