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I Hope You Dance

hawaii06 332Zach has always been into music.  I can’t remember exactly when I figured it out, but I know that he started responding to music when he was very young.  He is obsessed with Jack’s Big Music Show and begs for his Laurie Berkner cd’s every time we are in the car.  He sings along when there is a song on one of his favorite tv shows and occasionally at church during the hymns.

It really was no surprise when he started copying the characters’ motions and moving along to the music while he watched tv.  He copies my actions on a daily basis.  It cracked me up the day that he picked up my flat iron (it was turned off) and tried to straighten his hair with it. 

Given his previous behavior, I’m not really sure why it surprised me so much when he started dancing in the middle of a restaurant one day.  I’m not talking a little swaying back and forth.  It was all out booty shaking going on.  And?  It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  Almost everything he does is cute (in my opinion), but this really takes the cake.  Soon after that he started dancing at home.  Any time he hears music he breaks out in dance.  And the most amazing part is that he keeps a beat really well.  He is always right on with the music.  I have yet to get a good video of it, but I hope to soon.

A couple of nights ago we went out to dinner and while we were sitting there waiting for our food to arrive a song came on with a good dance beat.  Zach started bouncing and shaking in his chair so hard that I was afraid he was going to fall out for a second.  When he noticed us laughing and enjoying his dance he started dancing even harder.  His arms were up in the air and he was really getting into it.

Looking at the smile on his face reminded me of how innocent he really is at this age.  He has no inhibitions whatsoever.  He didn’t care who was watching him or what they thought of him.  He was just sitting there in that highchair having the time of his life.  I wish that feeling could last forever for him.  I never want him to feel the shyness or the insecurities that I felt as a child (and still sometimes feel as an adult).  I want him to always feel like that carefree little boy that I watched dancing in his highchair.

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  1. he will stay that way in some ways, and in others he won’t. heck, i still often dance with that kind of abandon, because it gives me joy. but it’s true there are many other ways i’ve pulled it in over the years, become a little more subtle. but i admit, that does sound awfully cute. 🙂

  2. Sounds to me that you’ll need to be worried when he starts dating! He’s likely to sweep ’em off their feet with those dance moves. ;P

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