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Runner up for the most boring post EVER

I’ve been sitting here all day staring at a blank computer screen.  I want to write but the words just don’t come to me.  I had the same problem lastnight when trying to come up with a post for my other blog.  Eventually I forced myself to just start writing and it came together.  Perhaps taking a week off from really blogging made me lazy.

Here it is Tuesday and I’m still trying to get myself back into gear.  I have had a hard time getting to sleep the last couple of nights and then struggling to get out of bed in the morning.  Apparently my body adjusted to the time change in Hawaii a little too well and now it doesn’t want to revert to the normal routine.

I think I may be dealing with a little bit of depression because of having to leave beautiful, warm Hawaii and return to cold, dreary, snowy KC.  I can’t even bring myself to write a vacation recap which I will probably regret later.  This blog does serve as the keeper of my memories these days since my brain can’t seem to keep up.  I could post pictures, but you’ve all seen them over on Flickr right?

I’ve been thinking about making a few changes to the blog in the near future.  If I can find the time (and courage) I think I’m going to switch it over to WordPress.  Along with the switch I may decide to change the design up a bit.  I don’t feel like this blog is going anywhere lately.  Even though it shouldn’t matter, I think I actually have less readers now than ever before and that is kind of disappointing.  I’m guessing it is because I am censoring myself more than I used to.  I’m more cautious about what I write because I have realized that I can’t keep this site hidden forever and eventually someone will read it that I didn’t expect to.  I either need to get a more interesting life or find a more interesting way to write about my life because I am even bored with it right now.

Before I start messing around with my blog though, I need to finish up a couple of other projects that I have halfway started.  I think I need another vacation so I can work on those.  Sometimes I miss the days when I could sit with my computer for hours on end until I actually finished the project I was working on.  I’ve gotten really bad about promising designs or blog help to people and then not following through due to lack of time.  The sad part is that I have no idea where my time goes.

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  1. Now that I have to censor myself because I told my mom about the blog, I have noticed huge gaping holes. Yeah, no one else has, but *I* have, so Iknow what you mean. It’s hard. However, it’s worth the censory because now Idon’t have it hanging over my head.

  2. Welcome back to the cold. At least it sounds like you guys had a great time!!

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