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Friday Randomness

I am so incredibly happy that today is Friday.  It hasn’t been a particularly bad week, but I am definitely ready for the weekend.  I have pretty much no plans at all for the weekend and that is just how I like it to be. 

The weather here in KC is warming up, which means that Spring is just around the corner and I really love Spring.  It is just so nice to see the sun again after a dreary winter.  The only problem is that my shopping urges kick into overdrive during this time of year.  I’m trying to suppress it, but there is a $10 off coupon to Old Navy that is burning a hole in my purse.  Plus, my friend NSP encouraged me to do some online window shopping this week and now I have a whole new wish list of items I want.

Zach has noticed the change in the weather over the last few days too.  When we got home the other night I pulled the car into the garage and put the door down as I was getting him out.  He pointed at the garage door and said “Up, up!”  I asked if he wanted to go outside and play. He immediately nodded his head and said, “MmmmHmmm.”  The truth is, I’m aching to spend some time in the great outdoors myself.  Hopefully we can get outside this weekend.  I would love to have some new pics of the boy out in the natural sunlight.

Speaking of the boy, things have been going much better with him this week.  The tantrums have really decreased and we’re all a little more relaxed.  We’ve been enjoying a lot more play time with the TV actually turned off lately and I am loving it.  He is not asking for TV as much and I am trying not to turn it on just for background noise any more.  I am also noticing a big change in his attention span.  He can now sit for several minutes at a time doing the same activity instead of hopping from one thing to the next.  We read four whole books the other night without him jumping up and running off to another activity.  Ah, my baby is growing up.

One final thing before I go.  I’ve been trying to come up with a playlist of songs to listen to while I work out.  (I know, funny huh?)  I am bound and determined to start back up with a work out regimen in the very near future and I thought maybe if I had some good music to encourage me I would be more likely to enjoy it (and therefore, continue to do it).  The workout will most likely consist of walking on my treadmill, with possibly some intermittent jogging, until I can work myself up to something better.  I need music with a good steady beat to keep me going for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I know I don’t usually get very good responses to my music questions around here, but I thought I would give it a shot.  What songs pep you up?  What songs get you moving?  I’ll give you the weekend to think it over, but Monday morning I want some answers people!  I’m leaving the fate of my future workouts in your hands.

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  1. I know what you mean. I push myself harder to certain songs. I just downloaded “U & UR Hand” by Pink. It’s really upbeat and a little hard at the same time.

  2. I used to listen to Green Day’s American Idiot when I run on my treadmill. It’s got a good beat to most of the songs.

    I mostly run outdoors now, so I dont listen to music as much.

  3. Eye of the Tiger! 🙂

    And then maybe some upbeat stuff like Scissor Sisters’ “I don’t feel like dancing”, The Rapture “Don Gon Do It”, Jet “Are you gonna be my girl”, The Faders “No Sleep Tonight”, and Rosin Murphy “Ruby Blue”.

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