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Sibling Love

You know what I love even more than my two kids?  My two kids together.


Evie worships her big brother right now.  If he’s in the room, she is most likely watching him.  She’ll start laughing out of nowhere and when I look up to see why, she’s always looking at him.  Other people can make her laugh, but no one can make her laugh as easily as Zach can.  All he has to do is look at her the right way or say something to her and she starts giggling.

Last night I was having a hard time getting Zach to bed so I took Evie with me and sat on the edge of his bed to talk for a few minutes.  Evie kept diving toward Zach so I decided to let her lay down with him for a couple minutes.  He wrapped his arms around her and they immediately started giggling together.  I grabbed the camera, snapped a few pics of them together, and then told Zach that it was time to go to sleep.  He got mad when I told him I was taking Evie away and begged me to let her sleep with him.  Of course I couldn’t let her, but it was still sweet that he wanted her with him.

The entire time I was pregnant with Evie I looked forward to these moments.  I love watching them together.  I can’t wait to watch them as they get older – laughing, telling secrets, and all those things that brothers and sisters do (even the fighting).  There is nothing I love in this world more than my kids and to see them loving each other is more than I could ever ask for.

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  1. Agreed—and I love the Fall-y look of your blog. It’s perfect!

  2. I remember catching a glimpse of Paige and Nolan in their carseats holding hands… my heart still melts thinking about it. It’s what families are all about.

  3. lfm lfm

    Awwwww…they are beautiful!!! I love having a brother. Sisters are fine, but brothers and so much better!!!

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