A couple of months ago, my phone rang. It was a local number I didn’t recognize, so I almost didn’t answer. I caught it on the last ring, just before voicemail would have picked up, thinking that it could be one of the kids’ schools calling. The woman on the other end of the phone […]

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Kindergarten Graduation

The school year is nearly done. The kids have three days left (thank you, snow days!) before summer officially begins. Zach and Evie have both had a really great year this year. Evie is reading like a champ, surprising me every day with all of the big words she can read. Zach has excelled well […]

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Celebrating Four

While I was off in LaLa Land (otherwise known as maternity leave) Miss Evie had her fourth birthday. Turning four was a VERY. BIG. DEAL. It was the first year that she really grasped the concept of what a birthday is and she was crazy jealous that her cousin turned four a few months before […]

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All Around the Mulberry Bush

Seeing as it has been nearly a month since I wrote anything here, I suppose it is time to get my fingers back to the keyboard and share some earth-shattering news. Except, I don’t have any. Well, nothing earth-shattering anyway. I’ve been busy and just generally overwhelmed with life these last few weeks, which seems […]

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When Mommy Says No

…just ask Daddy! I was trimming Evie’s nails after her bath when she asked me if she could have paint on them too. Since it was already bed time, I said no and told her she would have to wait until tomorrow night. Her response? “Daddy will. Daddy’s always nice.” Apparently she was right.

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Joy of Love – Day 2

Now that I’ve learned the basics of my camera (though there is still LOTS more to learn), I’m trying to challenge myself more. One way I’m doing this is through my 365 project, but I also decided to join in Willette’s “The Joy of Love” class for the month of February. Each day there is […]

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