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What? You’ve never heard of randomitis? That’s what you get when you are so busy all week trying to get ready for an out of town trip that random thoughts are flying around your head like flies on a dead animal. Then you throw it all together in a blog post because you simply must get it out. Time to pull out the trusty bullets.

  • Last weekend we went over to my sister’s house to hang out because Zach had been begging me for two weeks to go to RyRy’s house. He wasn’t going to quit until he got his fix so we went over and hung out and let the boys have some play time. It was a pretty uneventful evening. Then, as we walked out the door to load the kids up in the car I heard a buzzing sound and then felt a smack to the face. A giant locust flew right into my face, hit my cheekbone and then just kept going. It hit hard enough that it was still sore the next morning.
  • I forgot how hard it is to pack for an out-of-town trip with a baby. We’ve done a couple of overnight stays, but packing for four entire days is much harder. I’m just hoping I have enough diapers. As long as we have milk (which fortunately comes with me) and diapers we’re ok. Anything else we can live without.
  • I realized this week just how much I rely on the hubby to get me through the evenings. He usually has dinner ready (or almost ready) when I get home with the kids in the evening. Then we split up doing the dishes, baths, etc. He worked long hours this week so he could take some time off which means that I was on my own for dinner and bath time. My kids are so used to eating as soon as we get home that they just didn’t understand why they had to wait for food. I tried to fix a decent meal Monday, then I just gave up. I picked up fast food Tuesday and microwaved some left overs last night. I didn’t get to eat at all until after both kids had been fed and then I had to rush through it so I could get baths and everything else done. Single parenting is definitely not for me.
  • I think my son killed my desktop computer last night. He really likes to push the bright blue button on the front, even though I’ve told him over and over again not to. Last night when I was busy with Evie he walked over and pushed the blue button. I heard the computer turn off and he admitted it when I questioned him (even after he had just been yelled at for ripping my wallpaper border in the kitchen). When I went to turn the computer back on it didn’t even so much as laugh at me. It was dead. Now I’m just praying that my hard drive is still okay. It should all be backed up but I haven’t checked my backup files lately to make sure that it is running correctly. Hubby and I both use our laptops most of the time, but we use the desktop as a file server so all the important info is on there, including all of my pictures for the last five or so years.
  • Even though I was stressed out by my kids this week, they still managed to remind me exactly why I wanted another one. On the drive home Tuesday night Zach was bored and started talking to Evie in the back seat. She must have smiled at him because he said, “Sister likes me.” Soon after that I heard the glorious noise that is baby giggles. Zach was talking to her and making faces and she was laughing up a storm. Before long there were full-on baby belly laughs coming from the back seat. Zach was loving it and I thought my heart was going to just explode from the love I felt at that moment.
  • Evie is getting much more demanding these days. She wants to sit up all the time. She loves her Bumbo and exersaucer. She grabs at absolutely everything. She can no longer sit in my lap while I eat because she grabs at my plate, my fork, my arm, and anything else within reach. She’s really having fun with her toys though. Oh, and she also reaches her arms out when she wants to be picked up which I love, but also hate. I feel so bad when she reaches out for me and I can’t pick her up right away.
  • My new craft site is doing well so far. Thanks to a couple of people Stumbling it, I’ve had a really high number of hits since the launch. I just hope I can keep up with it this time around.
  • I’m really looking forward to our unexpected trip to Dallas this weekend. Hubby’s dad called and asked if we could possibly come down for a visit if he met us in Dallas and things just happened to work out so we can. His dad is bringing hubby’s grandparents and nephew along and we’ll get to see Aunts and Uncles and Cousins as well. It should be a fun trip and a nice little getaway if we don’t go crazy on the 8+ hour drive with two kids in the car.

Ok, if you’ve read this far then I think you deserve to be rewarded with some cute pictures, no?

Sitting Up (with a little help)
aug_08 057
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  1. I was so looking forward to the reward at the end of the post 🙂 Zach looking all big boyish with his Cars shorts!

    And the brother-sister moments, so sweet!

    I hope you are enjoying your trip 😉

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