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Learning New Tricks

aug_08 041

Evie has been working on a new trick. She would really like to sit up on her own but she can’t quite do it yet. I was trying to take some pictures of her this weekend in her pretty purple dress so I sat her in the corner of my sister’s couch so she could sit up with a little support. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted to sit ALL the way up and she kept trying over and over again. I got some very interesting pictures of her efforts, including the one above that cracks me up every time I look at it. I never did get the shot I wanted, but I did get a cute shot of her matching shoes!

aug_08 051
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  1. April April

    Excuse me Evie, do you need those thighs? No? Ok then. Nom nom nom nom. Seriously, how do you not eat that baby up everyday?

    And I love the shoes. Adorable.

  2. That little purple outfit with the shoes has me melting. So sweet!

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